Joust Legend now Free on Apple App Store

Rebellion, the team behind such hits as Sniper Elite V2 and Aliens vs. Predator, has decided to celebrate the success of their iOS game Joust Legend by giving it away for free in the Apple App Store from now until December 13th. Get it while it's free!

The game was originally launched back in September and was well received based on its unique setting, reaction-testing gameplay and its high quality visuals. The game was nominated in two categories at the 2013 TIGA awards and played a role in Rebellion's "Best Indie Developer" nomination at this year's Appster awards.

The free promotion also comes along with the release of an update which includes new content for character and horse customization and the ability to purchase (in-app purchases) complete sets of equipment whenever a player wants.

Get it for free right now at the source link.