Mega Launches Its Cloud Storage And File Sharing Website

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has officially launched today a new cloud storage and file sharing website named Mega. The Mega site was presented at a press conference in New Zealand mansion at 6:48 am. That is exactly one year after the Megaupload was seized by US authorities accusing Dotcom and several company officials of copyright violations.

The site was opened up for early access yesterday and now is open for everyone. There is four available storage plan: Free, Pro I, Pro II and Pro III. One of the most interested is the free option where every user gets 50 GB of storage. Paid plans offer you much more with additional storage and bandwidth capacity with a price of €9.99, €19.99 and €29.99 per month.

As the site is intended to be launched on the one-year anniversary of the Megaupload fall, many features were left off. However, a roadmap shows of features that plans to be added to the site after launch like mobile access, word-processing, spreadsheets and other Office-style functions, instant messaging. The interesting thing is that the CEO of domain registry company Instra, who is an investor in Mega, said that Instra would be providing domain name, hosting and email services on top of the support services

In less than a day, the website is generating a surge of initial interest and appears to be a huge early success. After just 10 minutes of Mega launch, Kim Dotcom tweeted that the server is working capacity is on maximum load with 250,000 users registrations.

We did try to access Mega, however it appears that the server must be overloaded as we could not access it. Give us your thoughts about the new Mega service. Will this be a good thing or it is meant only for pirates?