Conquest Age available Free on App Store

Marvelous Games, which is a division of the Japanese publisher MarvelousAQL and know for its titles such as No More Heroes, Harvest Moon and RunBot, has announced the launch of its fantasy action role playing game Conquest Age on the Apple App Store.

The game was developed by Singapore based Daylight Studios and drops players into the seven world-spanning regions of the Dracon Peninsula. Players will have the objective of uniting the divided land to face a threat of invasion by the land's ancient rulers who are set on revenge.

There are both single player and multiplayer modes in which players will be able to work cooperatively or hire mercenaries as they battle it out in single player mode all by themselves. The game allows players to pick one of three warrior classes and features skill trees for character development.

The game is available right now as a free download from the Apple App Store (source link).