App Store gets Free Lite Version of Transport Tycoon

So it seems that you've had your eye on the mobile version of Transport Tycoon but you just weren't sure if you wanted to fork over the bank busting £4.99 GBP / $6.99 USD / €5.99 without getting a chance to check it out. Now you can for free with the lite version.

Game developers 31X and Origin8 have put up a free lite version of the app so that players can "test drive" it before they commit to the hefty cash investment. The lite version will allow players to completely enjoy three tutorials along with additional "abbreviated" scenarios which feature all of the simulation and challenges of the full game. Players can also get the official Transport Tycoon Player's Guide at no cost at

"We'd always intended to release a Lite version of Transport Tycoon as we know it's far and away the best game of its ilk on any platform, and this is a prime opportunity for fans - both old and new - to explore the Transport Tycoon world and the huge variety of scenarios available," says Chris Sawyer. "It's just a taste of a rich cake, so I hope they come back for another slice."

You know the drill. Watch the trailer, jump to source link, download app, spend no money.