Thumb-sized 1080p Camera Makes Waves in Eastern Markets

A generic thumb-sized digital camera, sold under various brands, but spotted wearing an "ioSys" badge, was spotted at Tokyo's Akihabara tech shopping district. The said camera takes advantage of drops in smartphone camera sensor size, PCB footprint of related electronics, and gives you the ability to record 1080p @30 FPS video and 4096 x 3072 pixels stills out of a gadget that's as big as a sushi roll. The camera packs a lithium-ion battery that recharges over USB, a micro-SDHC card slot holding the camera's only memory media, and a few white LEDs around the lens to ape flash. There are literally two buttons - power/start/capture, mode. The one spotted in Tokyo goes for 3,980¥ (US $44).