Ascend W1 Starts Selling in China

Huawei rolled out a China-optimized (WCDMA) variant of its Ascend W1 smartphone in its home market, as the Lunar New Year shopping season heats up. The Ascend W1 beats Nokia's Lumia 620 at being the cheapest Windows Phone 8 device you can buy. It is priced at 1,599 RMB (US $260), which is significantly lower than the Lumia 620's 1,999 RMB ($320) price-tag. The Ascend W1 has a couple of more things going in its favor apart from its price, the larger 4-inch screen (compared to the Lumia 620's 3.8-inch), and a more capacious battery (2,020 mAh vs. the Lumia 620's 1,300 mAh). Chinese buyers ordering before February stand to shave a further 100 RMB off the price tag. How's that for a bargain?