Design Student Gets Hired By Microsoft For Rebranding Ideas

A 22 year old university design student who took it upon himself to do a project, in three days, to completely re-brand Microsoft, its logos and its products, has stated that he is being hired by the software and hardware giant to work in the Xbox division.

His bold re-branding strategy for Microsoft went viral last year and Microsoft took notice and was impressed. His plan detailed merging phone and tablet brand identities, and for Microsoft to adopt a more aggressive marketing strategy than its rivals Apple and Google.

He stated that it was a difficult decision as whether to accept the offer from Microsoft given there were many other companies who were interested in his work, but that he finally decided on Microsoft as he felt it would be a career that he could get really excited about. He will start with Microsoft this coming summer once he completes the rest of his college courses.

You can view all of his concepts and ideas on his page entitled The Next Microsoft. While you may, or may not, agree with his proposals or his design decisions, you have to admit that it's quite impressive for being accomplished in only three days.