Word Demon lands on App Store

The independent development studio in the UK, Mole Mobile, has announced that their debut title has been released worldwide on the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The game is called Word Demon and is set to test your skill and concentration in timed challenges.

The game starts by displaying a word in the middle of the screen, and tasks you with memorizing the word before its letter are hidden. You then are required to tap on the correct balls hich contain the corsponding letters associated with all of the words before the clock ticks down. The game seems pretty easy, but that appears to be a bit misleading as not only are your racing against time, but you only have a limited number of tries to solve each of the game's challenges.

The game include thousands of words which range from those commonly used to more exotic rare words, and with its global Game Center implementation it offers leaderboard competition.

You can hit the souce link to check out the game which is now available for $0.99 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.