Online brawler Lost Saga on its way to Europe

Publisher of free-to-play games NEXON Europe has announced the arrival of the action fighting game Lost Saga in Europe. The game is an online,multiplayer brawler developed by I.O. Entertainment, and is comprised of a cast of characters from "across the ages."

The game includes twenty maps on which to play, which include urban, natural and mystical environments, and over one hundred characters from which to choose. Spanning years of science fiction, fantasy and pop culture, you can play characters which range from Robin Hood to modern day ninjas and a lot more. The heroes are customizable, which allows you to personalize things as you battle it out with your friends.

There are four types of battle modes in the game. Crown Control has teams defending their crown from the opposition (which seems like a take on "capture the flag"), Prisoner mode allows you to capture your opponents while on the field of battle, Power Stone mode has you protecting a "Power Stone" to keep our abilities intact, and lastly, Boss Raid mode makes one hero the "Boss" of the team and he becomes the target of the opposing team.

When the game officially launches it will be available in six languages; English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Turkish, and NEXON Europe is planning on kicking off a close beta in early 2014. You can check out the game's Facebook site at the source link.