The Power Game spins onto Google Play for Android devices

Ireland based game developer Atom Split Games have revealed that their interesting reboot of the popular 1970's two-player strategy board game, The Power Game, is now available for purchase for Android devices via Google Play for the reasonable price of €1.99 ($2.73).

In the game, players are tasked with making a chain of cogs (gears) to defeat their opponent. There are two opposing rows of cogs (like Checkers), and players take turns connecting them with the eventual goal of making a chain that is capable of turning their opponents "Master Cog" in a clockwise direction. The game features three game modes; single-player against the built in artificial intelligence, head-to-head action with another player, and an online mode to battle friends and others to increase your rank as you work on becoming "Power Game Master."

You can check out the app at the source link after you take a look at the video they made. The game is currently available at the Windows Store (it's not free anymore as the video states) and they are planning an IOS release next month.