7 Days To Die now on Steam Early Access

In a sort of Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead, and touted as a survival horde crafting game, 7 Days to Die is now available to purchase on Valve's digital distribution platform Steam on the Steam Early Access Program. Explore, scavenge, build, kill zombies.

The game is a first-person survival game where players will be tasked with exploring the environments, such as cities and the wilderness, to gather supplies, and collect raw materials to make their own tools, weapons traps and shelters. The destructible voxel world allows player to use the blocks for a variety of purposes such as building things to drop on top of the zombies' heads or to make fortifications for themselves.

The game currently features a Horde mode for shorter game play sessions of fast-paced multiplayer combat and also a Cooperative mode that allows players to team up to fight.

You can jump into the game and help out with feedback at the source link. You may want to know that the game is currently 15% off, but that ends on December 19th.