Chomp-Chomp: Frenzy Farmers drops onto the App Store for iPad, iPhone

If you've whiled away countless hours playing the venerable game Minesweeper and you are looking for something similar for your iPhone or iPad, Moscow, Russia game developer FriedCroc has just released its new title Chomp-Chomp: Frenzy Farmers.

The game plays like the traditional Minesweeper, except in this case you are plundering a carrot farm and it's in isometric graphics, in that you are tasked with selecting squares to reveal "safe" squares without setting off a game ending trap. As with the original, this game also gives you information on the surrounding squares so you can logically determine where to choose to click next, but also adds some enhancements to the game in the form of power-ups. The power-ups allow you to take a different action when in doubt what square to choose next, such as dropping a stone to safely check a square, calling in a UFO to scan squares for their content and a hint box to reveal square adjacent square contents.

You can pick up the full version of Chomp-Chomp here for $1.99, or if you just want to check out ten levels of gameplay for free you can get a "lite" version here. You can take a look at the developer's other games at the source link.