Samsung T9000 Android-Driven Refrigerator Priced

Many a tubby thronged to Samsung's T9000 refrigerator, one of the few CES-worthy kitchen appliances exhibited at this year's CES. The Android tablet-touting cold box, which Samsung failed to name "Galaxy Fridge" (by the same token of the Galaxy Camera), is priced at US $3,999.

While we won't get into the specifications of the fridge itself, its USP is intriguing -- a 10.1-inch touchscreen panel that runs Android 4.1, and features a user-interface customized for quick access by messy fingers. The panel has applications pre-installed that deliver culinary content, dictate recipes, and provides web-enablement over Wi-Fi, which is much along the lines of QooQ. The touchscreen gives you complete control over the fridge, including temperature and moisture control over specific compartments.

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