Beta Sign-Up Starts Today For Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda has announced today that players may now sign up for beta access to their upcoming massively multiplayer online game, The Elder Scrolls Online. This is just a beta sign up, not a beta launch, and those that sign up will be informed of being selected later.

The game will take place in all many locations that players of the Elder Scrolls stand alone games have become familiar with. Hardcore fans of the The Elder Scrolls series are a little skeptical as to how close the new game will follow the deep lore that is a integral part of the game, but it looks like they are not cutting any corners at this time.

To help celebrate the sign up event, they have also released The Elder Scrolls Online - The Alliances Cinematic Trailer, which is pretty impressive and you can watch below.

In a tweet a couple of minutes ago from @TESOnline, they state they are experiencing heavy traffic and to keep trying if you are unable to access the web pages.