Combat Arms gets new "Infected Ship" Fireteam Map

In an announcement released by NEXON Europe today, they want to inform you a new Fireteam map, called Operation: Infected Ship is now available for the free-to-play online shooter Combat Arms. They have also revealed two new events to support the new map.

The map incorporates a "horde mode" style of gameplay that is set on a cruise ship, the Ocean Alliance Cruise, that has become infected with a rather devastating virus. Players are tasked with collecting virus samples while hunting down enemies and collecting other various items. The map also includes some new items, such as the Rocket Turret and Infected Beacon.

They have also announced a pair of events to support the new map. The first is a user movie competition, which starts today and goes through January 8th, in which players are encouraged to make videos that feature the new map and gameplay. The second is an incentive to spend lots of time in the game, as players with the most playing time on the infected ship, those that make the most assists, and those have the most playing time in the clan wars that are running from today through January 1st, will be able to pick any in-game item of their choice (excluding Epic and Demonic weapons).

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