Driving Reckless coming on Christmas Day for Android, iOS

Munich, Germany independent game developer vidiludi has announced that their third game, Driving Reckless, will be released on both the Apple App Store and Google play, for free, on December 25th of this month. Waste away the hours crashing your car.

The game is a combination of a physics enabled racer and an endless runner. Players will see themselves speeding through the streets of an abandoned city trying to get away from the police while trying not to destroy their car … or perhaps trying to destroy the car along with other in-game objects. The game's features are;

  • Realistic car physics, drifts and powerslides
  • Crash your car and watch it disintegrate
  • Endless randomly generated track
  • Destroy your car and all objects along the road
  • Upgrade your car if you can handle it
  • Beautiful and violent free cartoon graphics in HD
  • Easy touch controls

The game will be free on December 25th for both Android and iOS devices, but will also contain in-app purchases so the developers can make a few bucks.