Shoot & Plunder blasts its way onto the App Store

A recently formed independent game developer out of Sydney, Australia, Monkeynaut Games, has announced the release of its first game for iPhone and iPad devices titled, Shoot & Plunder. It's about pirates. We know you like pirates and it's cheap, so go get it.

The game is a SHMUP, "Shoot 'em up", where players get to navigate a pirate ship through rather busy, and pretty dangerous, waters in an effort to blast an endless onslaught of enemies while also collecting treasure which can be used to unlock new ships. The ships vary in that they respond differently to player input by moving faster along a particular axis.

They noted that they are already developing an update which will add boss fights to the game (which is set for a late December release), and are also working on an Android port.

You can pick up the game on the Apple App Store as a free download, but there is also an ad-free "Pro" version for 99 cents if you prefer not to see ads and want to toss the developers a little cash to keep them going.