New Procedural Textures Demonstration Video released for The Mandate

Perihelion Interactive, the creative team behind the upcoming sandbox science fiction role playing game, The Mandate, have dropped a new video that shows of the use of procedural textures in the game. It demonstrates decals, rust, armor damage and color tinting.

The game is currently in development after its successful Kickstarter campaign, which concluded earlier this month, brought in about $200,000 more than their targeted funding goal or $500,000. People can still help fund the project using PayPal on their donation page (at the source link), and they state that if the game reaches the next goal of $800,000 modding support will be added to the game.

The Mandate is a six-player, cooperative, sandbox science fiction role playing game that will see the light of day for Windows PC, Mac and Linux in the first quarter of 2015 if everything goes as planned.