Day Z sees 88,000 People join the Alpha in the First 12 Hours

We reported two days ago that the stand-alone version of the popular ARMA II mod, Day Z, had hit the Steam Early Access program to allow players to participate in the alpha version of the game. Seems that it's doing pretty well according to CEO Maruk Spanel.

In a recent tweet, he revealed some numbers;

Day Z was originally launched back in 2012 as a first-person zombie survival mod, in which players attempt to survive for as long as they possibly can on very limited resources.

If you want to read something that brings a smile to your face, go to the game's community discussions (source link) on Steam and check out all the people who are complaining that the Alpha Version of the game is incomplete and buggy. Seems that many have ignored the developers very obvious, straightforward mention of the game's state and not to purchase it if you don't want to help with the development.

That being said, many of the early adopters have stated that they are not having too many problems and are pleased to be able to work with the developers to work the bugs out.