A Quick Test Drive of the FPS Creator Reloaded Beta

Our good friends over at The Game Creators were kind enough to give us access to the 1.004 beta build of FPS Creator Reloaded so we could check it out. This is not a comprehensive review of the current state of the software, just a few first impressions.

After a quick download of the zipped package followed by a quick unzipping of the zipped package and then running the installation executable I was ready to give it a shot. The packaged installs without any problems on the NextPowerUp Test Rig (that would be my aging QX9650 with 8GB RAM and a pair of Sapphire 6970s in Crossfire on a 30" monitor). After being told to jot down the list of some key controls that were shown when the program first launched to make getting around easier, which I completely forgot to do, I found the software so incredibly easy to use that it was just a matter of about one minute and I was modifying terrain and adding game elements to my heart's desire.

Adjusting the terrain height and adding entities just does not get any simpler. Choose what you want to do, click on terrain map to make it happen, done. I created a simple scene in about five minutes which I will show you here.

Not wanting to just stand around checking out the scenery, I added a few soldiers to see what they looked like. Unfortunately, when I launched my scene the artificial intelligence jumped in and the soldiers killed me in a matter of seconds. This, however, is consistent with my skills at playing most FPS games so I felt right at home. I am sure that most of you would fare better.

The beta version came with a demo of a game to try out, but I was having so much fun just being creative with the software that I never got around to trying it out.

All in all, even though FPS Creator Reloaded is still in its beta phase it's very easy and intuitive to use, and as it evolves while the team continues work on the details it's going to get a lot better. Anyone who never thought they could make their own FPS game because of lack of programming or modding skills will want to keep an eye on this software as it develops. You can keep an eye on the development at the source link.

We'd like to personally thank Meash Meakin and Rick Vanner, who are Directors over at The Game Creators, for giving us this opportunity to give their software a test drive.

Here is a teaser trailer of the terrain building system so you can get a look at what you can do in more detail.