No Man's Sky Might Be In Trouble After 'Hello Games' Office Gets Flooded

Why does this happen to all the good things in life? Ooh! The latest victim of natural disasters, flood in this case, is none other than Hello Games. The indie game development studio showed off their ambitions W.I.P title No Man's Sky at VGX 2013, and stole the show to say the least. Here's what happened:

Oh god. Water moves really quick. Hello Games has been totally flooded. Everything in the office has pretty much been lost

A lifesize cardboard cut out of Joe Danger went floating past face down. Poor Joe. He's taking this the worst.

Massive thanks to everyone who tried to help here today. We have learned that laptops float sometimes.

Leaving now and letting firemen to help real people (all the houses around us with kids and xmas) - rather than us drowning to save a hdd

What happened is really unfortunate. But it's a good thing that nobody got hurt. We can only keep our fingers crossed that Hello Games kept a backup of all their work, else they would have to start from scratch.