LG Working On 'G Arch' And 'G Health' Wearable Gadgets

For a long time, LG has remained tight-lipped on whether the company has been working on their own wearable gadgets, such as a smart watch. The company has now confirmed that it indeed has a "wearable product" under development. Quite frankly, we wouldn't have believed otherwise.

Reports suggest that not one, but two wearable gadgets from LG will be shown off either at CES or MWC 2014, with the possibility of the latter being stronger. The two gadgets have names, which are alleged to be LG G Arch and LG G Health. The second device could end up as a fitness tracking device (there's a big craze for such devices, but Nike is already far ahead of the competition), but it doesn't particularly require a genius to figure out that much.