Motorola Working on Windows 8 Tablets

Motorola Solutions announced plans to develop a new line of tablets running Windows 8. Its decision stumped analysts as Solutions was born out of the part of former-Motorola that wasn't into consumer electronics, while the other half, Motorola Mobility, went on to be acquired by Google. Motorola confirmed its plans to develop tablets in an interview its CEO Greg Brown had with Bloomberg.

Interestingly, Motorola's first Windows 8 tablets will be nothing like the one pictured above. It will be rugged, could feature keypads, and will target businesses and enterprises more than consumers. Motorola Solutions' Windows 8 touting tablets will be available either in the second half of 2013, or in the first one of 2014.

Meanwhile, Google, which netted Motorola Mobility's patent portfolio, isn't making too many indications of new Motorola branded tablets.