iPad 5 to be Launched Alongside iOS 7 and "jOBS"

In Apple's next big media event, the company will share its stage with the makers of jOBS, who will be releasing the upcoming docudrama that stars Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs. If that's not the biggest news to you, how about the fact that the 5th generation iPad (or iPad 5) will be launched in that event?

The latest version of Apple's category-redefining device will, for the first time, deviate from the shape and screen-size maintained by its first four generations. It will feature a larger 10-inch screen, and slimmer side-bezels. In essence, the new iPad could look like an upscaled iPad mini. In addition to a bigger screen and faster hardware, the tablet will feature Apple's next big mobile software, the iOS 7. It's likely that some previous versions of iPad could get the software as OTA updates.

Given Apple's new tie-up with jOBS, the new media event will be held in March.