Access Free Music Videos On Your PS4 Using VidZone

PlayStation 4 users no longer need to wait for a good music videos streaming app. VidZone has arrived on the PS4, and boasts of a number of upgrades over the PS3 app. One of the improvements that have been made is in the area of load times, which is significantly lower on the PS4. Social features integrated into the PS4 allow you to post the videos that you watch on Facebook or Twitter with minimal effort.

VidZone for PS4 features:

  • Choose from thousands of music videos and stream them in stunning HD quality on your PS3 and now PS4.
  • Create unlimited playlists and build a library of your favorite music videos in My Zone.
  • Watch hundreds of VidZone TV channels and let the music videos roll.
  • Let your friends know which videos you love by recommending your favorites via Facebook or Twitter.

Download the free app on your PS4 by browsing through the TV & Video section of the PlayStation Store right away.