LG And HTC To Use Sapphire Glass In Next Flagship Smartphones

The fact that LG has become a worshipper of Samsung is no secret. LG's G2 is heavily inspired by Samsung's own Galaxy flagships. Differences arise when you talk about which one is the better phone (LG G2 over Galaxy S4), and which one sold more units (Samsung all the way). Naturally, LG is following Apple as well (we all know that Samsung draws heavy inspiration from Apple). This year, even HTC jumped onto the same path when the firm introduced a fingerprint scanner equipped HTC One Max shortly after the launch of the Apple iPhone 5S.

Next year, both LG and HTC will use Sapphire glass to protect the fragile parts in their next flagship Smartphones. By the looks of it, Sapphire glass will be used to protect, what the media are speculating to be the home button cum fingerprint scanner, in the HTC One 2 and LG G3.