Pay What You Want for Fields Of War at IndieGameStand until January 2nd

IndieGameStand has a deal today on Thermal Erosion's massively multiplayer mech shooter game Fields of War. The game will normally set you back about $15 at Thermal Erosion's store, but you can get it on a "pay want you want" basis now and help a charity.

IndieGameStand's deal is similar to the Humble sales in that you can pay what you want for the game (starting at a buck) and if you beat the average you get a bonus. Additionally you can allocate a portion of your purchase price to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (chosen by Thermal Erosion) during this sale.

The game is a massively multiplayer, third-person shooter which focuses on large scale battles, controlling territory and team play. Some of the game's main features are;

  • A persistent world, hosted on our servers.
  • Epic 100 vs. 100 battle.
  • AI bots replace absent players.
  • Full dynamic day-night cycle.
  • Two distinct landscapes, offering strategic gameplay.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer.

The game is available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux and you can check out the sale at the source link. The sale will run until January 2nd.

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