Gog.com starts Let's Party Promo! Tomorrow

During Gog.com's DRM-free Winter Sale, users had a chance to pick one of two games each day that would then get up to an 80% discount. Obviously the voting meant that half the games lost. Never fear, though, Gog.com want you to know about the "Let's Party Promo!"

The people over at Gog.com have decided to give all of the games which did not get chosen, a price reduction of up to 80% off. Some of the games that will be included are RPG classics such as the Ultima series, several Wizardry games and the newer Legends of Grimrock, some space games such as Strike Suit Zero and Strike Commander, and a few scary ones like Slender: The Arrival, Penumbra and Knock-Knock.

The deal will go from December 31st at 2:00 PM GMT until January 2nd at 1:59 PM GMT, so you will have two full days to head on over there to check out what's all on sale in their last deal of the year. Gog.com also has promised "surprises galore" in 2014 as well as changes to the website and a "couple of game changing projects."