Panasonic's 4K Tablet Spec'd

Fleets of 4K Ultra HD televisions being unveiled at the 2013 International CES came to nobody's surprise, however, Panasonic threw a curveball in the form of the industry's first tablet featuring a 4K display. Albeit prohibitively big at 20-inches, which you can't exactly carry around in a messenger bag, it turns out Panasonic is targeting big-ticket graphics design and engineering firms with the product. To that effect, the tablet even features a high-grade touchscreen layer and an Anoto Live graphics pen.

The sheer number of pixels a 4K Ultra HD display packs (3840 x 2160) is beyond the capabilities of any ARM system-on-chip launched. Even the Tegra 4, which comes from the makers of the world's fastest graphics processors (NVIDIA), caps out at 2560 x 1600, which is just how far consumer tablets are expected to go in 2013-14. Naturally then, Panasonic has to turn to PC technologies to drive its eye-siren. Among its known system specifications are:

  • Intel Core i7-3427U processor: dual-core, 1.80 GHz, 22 nm "Ivy Bridge" micro-architecture
  • Yet unknown NVIDIA GeForce GPU capable of handling six TMDS links (most mid-thru-high end "Kepler" GPUs are capable of it)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD storage, micro-SDXC expandability
  • Connectivity that includes 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 720p webcam
  • Windows 8 Pro operating system

The tablet is expected to hit stores a little later this year.