Japan Starts 4K Ultra HD Broadcasting July 2014

In the race to 4K broadcasting, it looks like South Korea could be losing. Japan has plans to provide the final stages of the 2014 World Cup in Ultra High Definition. That's 2 years ahead of the proposed initial launch of 2016 .The country's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is also said to be considering moving up 8K broadcast to 2016 (again 2 years ahead of plan), in time for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Japan made the switch to digital broadcasting back in March 2012 after which consumer demand for TV sets flat-lined. The Ministry is hoping the move to 4K could help revive the struggling domestic electronics appliance industry. Japanese manufacturers like Panasonic, Sharp and Sony have already launched their first generation of Ultra HD TVs.

It may be obvious that Japan does not have the terrestrial infrastructure to support the task but exactly how the country plans to pull it off is getting lost in translation.

Because a massive volume of data is transmitted through 4K broadcasting, the current wavelength band zone set aside for digital terrestrial broadcasting would be incapable of handling the load.

Unused capacity through communications satellites would be used instead.

Ministry officials said plans call for expanding 4K broadcasting by using broadcasting satellites and eventually terrestrial channels.