BlackBerry Z10 White Edition Pictures And Price Leaks

The subject of the January 30 event is the launch of BlackBerry 10 platform along with RIM's new smartphones. Alot of information has already been leaked, but some things about we did not know came out. One of the things is the pictures of BlackBerry Z10 in white color.

Another thing we did not know was the price of the Z10. According to Engadget, the SIM-free version of BlackBerry Z10 in white color will cost only £479,95 at Carphone Warehouse. The leaked picture seems to be a snapshot of the company's internal database. This makes is just £50 cheaper than the iPhone 5, which suggest that the Z10 is aimed for high-end.

However, analysts think that RIM's press conference is not just about the new smartphones. They think it is more about showing the new direction BlackBerry is taking.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue recommends that investors "keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times"... "Alot of information on RIM's new BB10 devices has already been leaked, so we expect the stock to settle back down post Wednesday's launch," Sue wrote in a note to clients on Monday morning. "It's an ultra competitive market and most consumers have made up their minds on BlackBerry, so we believe RIM really needs to wow the audience. Variability of future unit growth depends on RIM's pace of future launches and innovation beyond the first two devices."