ZTE to Launch Firefox OS Phone at MWC

The fleet of smartphones running Firefox OS, which ZTE CEO was talking about at this year's International CES, will see its first unveiling at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). In a press release it sent out inviting visitors at MWC to its booth, ZTE mentioned two hashtags to follow, to keep up with its activity, #ZTEGrandMemo and #ZTEMozilla, suggesting the first Firefox OS smartphones will make MWC their launchpad. ZTE launches seldom end with the company. Since it's also a whitebox manufacturer for countless other companies, the phones ZTE launches are usually rebanded and sold worldwide.

Firefox OS is Mozilla Foundation's big project it's been busy with, even as the Firefox web-browser bleeds market share to Google Chrome. A Linux derivative much like Android and Ubuntu for Phones, Firefox OS keeps things free (as in free beer) and free (as in freedom), with completely open-source components that makes for a mobile OS Richard Stallman would approve of. In the run up to MWC, the Mozilla Foundation launched a couple of developer preview handsets for app makers to get started on.