A Wireless PA System?

Anyone who's ever had to lay-out/tidy-up countless kilometers of audio cabling over the course of their career has long been thankful for wireless microphones. There are of course plenty of drawbacks like a battery going dead (when you are on the wrong side of the stadium), wireless signal dropouts and worst of all someone else's mic interfering (often in a foreign language). Yet for all their shortcomings wireless solutions have one major advantage: no duct tape necessary. No audio engineer wants to have someone trip over their cabling and land in the hospital.

The wireless LSP 500 PRO speakers want to get rid of the rest of your cables and your mixing console too since - yeah you guessed it - there's an app for that. As long as there's a Wi-Fi router, you will be able to remotely control up to 20 speakers from your iPad. Battery warnings are also displayed.

Sennheiser claims the batteries are good for up to 7 hours but the real kicker is there's two of them and they are hot-swappable. Each LSP 500 PRO can take up to three receivers for wireless microphones, and each also has a combined socket for a 6.3 mm jack plug and an XLR-3 connector for using a wired microphone. Additionally there's a USB connector and a Bluetooth interface as well as an AUX input and output. If more than one loudspeaker is being used, one of them can be defined as the master and then connected with the other speakers - the 'slaves' in audiospeak - via a wireless link.

"The app is a genuine labour-saving device for setting up PA systems at an event," explained Martin Gurtner, Portfolio Manager at Sennheiser's Integrated Systems Division. "This user-friendly and efficient application makes the Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO loudspeaker the ideal partner for events of all sizes, such as congresses, galas or press conferences."

Available in May but no word on pricing. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple iTunes Store from May onwards.