Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager gets Updates, Early Access Available

Just two months after starting the early beta phase, Slitherine and Polar Motion want you to know they are adding a whole host of new features to Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager. Maybe of the updates were taken from player feedback they have received.

The game is set in the mid 195os when the United States and the Soviet Union where in a race to see who get rockets and people out in to space first. The game will allow you to play as either the US or Soviet space agency, and involves all sorts of things such as managing budgets, building spacecraft and more.

This simulation game looks pretty cool, so hit the source link to see everything they have planned, and you can jump into the early testing at various price levels if you so choose. The game is currently only available for Windows PC, but will be heading to Mac, iOS and Android at some point in the future.