Win Leaderboard Glory in Drunken Robot Pornography Challenge

In a rather interesting game, with an interesting title, and an interesting trailer to promote it, Dejobban has announced they have created a weekly challenge for players of their bullet-hell first person shooter, Drunken Robot Pornogrphy. Drunken Robot Battle Royale it's called.

The game is a first person shooter that has you battling against giant robots called Titans, and armed with a jet pack and a gun you try to blast them apart while they are trying to cut you to ribbons with their lasers. Here is how the Battle Royale works:

  1. Every Friday at 3PM EST (GMT-5), Dejobaan will release a new challenge map that pits players against 30-story tall Titans and 0-story tall muffins.
  2. Players compete for glory on the leaderboards 'till the following Thursday evening.
  3. Each Friday at 4pm EST (GMT-5) Dejobaaners Ichiro Lambe and Rohit Shenoy will host a Twitch show ( to celebrate the winners and discuss what the dev team's adding to the game next.

The Drunken Robot Battle Royale will lead up to Drunken Robot Pornography's (DRP) first quarter 2014 launch and will run for a total of six months, with players receiving new content on a weekly basis. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam which you can check out at the source link.