Samsung Exec: No Galaxy S5 At MWC

Growing evidence points towards the possibility that we might not see Samsung's new Galaxy S5 for at least another three months (*crawls to a corner and enters into depression). A Samsung exec confidently claimed, contradicting the statement of another exec belonging to the same company, that the Galaxy S5 will not be announced at MWC 2014 to be held at the end of February. We believe that the next-generation flagship Smartphone, rumored to pack a fingerprint scanner, 64-bit Exynos 6 Octa chipset and a bunch of other features that are enough to give us a geek-gasm, will be announced in April or March end, alongside Galaxy Gear 2.

Oh well, so what if we have to wait a little bit longer. As long as the finished product, allegedly featuring a a build mixing plastic and metal (finally), turns out to be great.