Allies In War coming to App Store Worldwide on January 16th

Developer and publisher Gamelion Studios, who you may remember from titles such as Monster Shooter and League of Heroes, has announced that their latest game, Allies in War, will be heading to the Apple App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on January 16th.

The game is free-to-play massively multiplayer online, real-time, military strategic combat game that sees players command and army while trying to build up their base, upgrade their defenses, and defeating their enemies. Bonus items can be collected by completing single-player missions and also by participating in coop battles. The game's features include:

  • Innovative Cooperative Epic Battle system that tests teamwork and provides rewards
  • Use Items to customize your Headquarters Bunker for your style of play
  • Mutually-beneficial "troop donation system": donate troops to friends in combat and unlock special buildings as a reward for your generosity
  • Deploy troops from APCs and use Engineers to clear traps
  • Defensive boosts within alliances to provide socially active advantages
  • Lead and structure your Alliance with advanced rank controls
  • Weekly Alliance Tournaments - earn awesome rewards!
  • Single-player campaign for practice and resource-earning