More Tegra K1 Benchmarks Light The Path To A Bright Future

Earlier today, we got to see the very first benchmark score belonging to NVIDIA's Tegra K1 chipset. Apart from blowing away the competition, very much like NVIDIA had promised, Tegra K1's Kepler based 192-core GPU actually outpaced an Intel HD 4400 GPU (found in 4th generation Core processors). Would you believe that a chip consuming 3W of power beats a 15W chip from Intel (in the graphics department)? Well, you should. And here are a couple of more benchmarks run on a Lenovo Thinkvision 28 AiO by reputed tech site Tom's Hardware.

Not only is NVIDIA's chip faster than the Tegra 4 by a huge margin, the new Apple A7 chip bites the dust as Tegra K1 flies across various benchmarking suites. Now, serve us a Smartphone or tablet running this chip already.