UPnP Flaws Expose Up To 50 Million Of Networking Devices

Security experts from DefenseCode have uncovered bugs in widely used networking technology during a product security evaluation. This exploit affects tens of millions of personal computers and many known manufacturers like ASUS, Belkin, D-Link, Cisco's Linksys division, Netgear are affected.

"Vulnerability itself is located in Broadcom UPnP stack, which is used by many router manufacturers that produce or produced routers based on Broadcom chipset. We have contacted them with vulnerability details and we expect patches soon," explaines CEO of DefenseCode, Leon Juranic.

There are already several ways to prevent the exploit. One of the main thing is to make sure to block UPnP at your Internet gateway. Detailed instructions about how to fix the UPnP security holes can be seen here. If you are not sure if your device is affected, you can check it with this simple router security check.