SOE To Shutter Bullet Run On March 8th

On the game's official forums, Sony Online Entertainment and Acony Games has announced that they will be shutting down the servers for their multiplayer, first person shooter Bullet Run on March 8th of this year. All billing has ended last Friday on February 1st.

In addition to membership billing ending on February 1st, players with a platinum membership will get a prorated refund for any remaining time on their accounts by applying it to a credit card tied to the account or by mailing a refund check to the players current address on the account.

Sony states that all accounts will remain with SOE, but that Acony Games will retain the game code. There are no plans at this time to relaunch the game in the future.

All players whose accounts are in good standing will be able to continue playing the game until March 8th even though they will be no longer billing anyone for the game. If you have an account you may want to jump in and get in your last months worth of FPS action before they pull the plug.