NVIDIA In Trouble With Tegra 4 Chips

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, NVIDIA claimed the launch of the world's fastest mobile processor: Tegra 4. NVIDIA was hopping that Tegra 4 could gains the company several design wins with high-end smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately for NVIDIA, this seems less likely to occur.

Even though NVIDIA claimed six times higher performance than Tegra 3, early leaked results showed the real truth. Even more important is that only two confirmed manufacturers will use Tegra 4 in their devices. Among tablet and smartphone vendors, only Toshiba confirmed Tegra 4 tablets to be launched in 2013 while there are some indications that ASUS could launch its Tegra 4 device at the MWC.

A possible outcome would be a Tegra 3 price cut to attract entry-level orders, but according to sources even with a price cut, Tegra 3 will not be a competitive player in the entry-level segment.