Create iOS and Android Games for Free with SpriteBuilder

If you are just itching to get into the world of making iOS and Android games, and you have a Mac, you should take a look at SpriteBuilder from software developer Apportable. They just launched version 1.0 of the game development suite and it's free for the taking.

The suite allows users to developed native iOS and Android games using Objective-C and Xcode. The tool is reportedly easy to use and can handle everything from basic GUI layouts to complex character animations. The tool is touted as the only development suite that allows you to run your Objective-C code as a native app on Android. Here are the main features;

  • Designer-friendly GUI
  • Fully extensible open source platform
  • Animation editor for scenes, characters and boned animations
  • Tileless editor
  • User interface designer
  • Asset management and sprite sheet generation
  • Tools for localization

You can get SpriteBuilder on the Mac App Store for free.