Kickstarter for Project Nimbus Doing Excellent

Since it launched back in December, the Kickstarter campaign for Project Nimbus has done pretty well. In fact they have more than doubled their targeted goal and want everyone to know the game will be getting a Mac version, a sandbox mode, and quite a bit more.

The original campaign goal was a modest £6,000, and with still four days left they have reached almost £13,500. This means the game will get a Mac version, the game's level will be completed with machinima cutscenes, there will be a sandbox mode, Oculus Rift support and a Survival Mode. There are still three extended funding levels to go so if people put a crowbar in their wallet, the game could also get an expanded storyline, full cockpit view and the inclusion of Strike Packs.

The game is a fast-paced mech action game, and here's a video to check out so you can decide if you want to visit their Kickstarter page at the source link.