LG and Samsung Agree to Settle OLED Patent Dispute Off Courts

Legal battle hardened Korean tech giants Samsung and LG, in an uncharacteristic move, entered an agreement to settle the great OLED patent infringement web the two wove around each other for the past two years, which the two probably realized hurt more than helped them. According to Korean news agency Yonhap, the two resolved to settle their disputes through dialogue.

OLED or organic light emitting diode, is a new flatscreen display technology that rivals LCD, and is beginning to see implementation in consumer electronics ranging from handhelds to televisions. This year's International CES expo saw market heavyweights unveil their OLED lineups, marking the entry of the technology into the mainstream.

Samsung and LG not only manufacture display panels for their own branded products, but are also major suppliers for other companies. A technology being sub judice hurts orders for panels for both companies, as downstream companies evade future lawsuits by either of the two for using the other's panels.