Tomb Raider releasing for Mac OS Tomorrow

Feral Interactive wants all of you Mac owners to know that tomorrow, January 23rd, 1014, Tomb Raider is being released for the Mac OS platform. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics, and is the reboot that tells the story of a young Laura Croft.

In addition to the single-player adventure, Tomb Raider features an online multiplayer mode. You will definitely want to know that to use the multiplayer mode a Steam account is required and it only allows for Mac to Mac gameplay. If you have plans on playing multiplayer, make sure you don't pick it up at the Mac App Store as the game sold there will not have multiplayer available.

The game will retail in North America for $49.99, £34.99 in the United Kingdom, and for €44.99 throughout Europe. If you don't want to pick it up at the Mac App Store, it should hit other digital retailers on January 30th.