Planet Explorers gets New Demo in Latest Alpha Build

After finishing up a successful Kickstarter campaign in April of last year, Pathea Games has been hard at work on their voxel-based sandbox game, Planet Explorers, and it has now reached the alpha 0.72 build. The build adds lots of new stuff and there is also an alpha demo now.

The newly added features since the last build include a new block-based building system, a new Creation System, a new grass system, new story lines, new NPCs, new multiplayer function and more.The gameplay is in third-person and first-person perspectives and players go about customizing characters, combining and creating vehicle, guns swords and buildings, as well as trying to defeat lots of enemies on the planet they are exploring.

If you pre-order the Windows PC game you get access to all the alpha and beta tests, with full single and multiplayer access and the final game when it's released. Pre-ordering the game will set you back $22.

You can check it all out at the Game's Website.