iD Co-Founder Starts Kickstater Campaign To Make Game Creation Tool

Gaming industry veteran and co-founder of iD Software, Tom Hall, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a cross-platform game editor called Worlds of Wander. The platform game creator would allow anyone to create their own platformer games and share them.

The campaign was launched today and is shooting for a $400,000 goal. The new game creation tool will come with a complete game to get people started and then will allow them to create their own games and levels and share them across iOS, Android, Windows Mac and Ubuntu devices. The game that comes with the tool will be called Secret Spaceship Club, and will be in the spiritual succesor to Tom's original Commander Keen

Tom Hall is the award-winning designer of the Commander Keen series, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, DOOM, Rise of the Triad, Anachronox, Hyperspace Delivery Boy, Congo Cube, and Pettington Park. His game designing career spans over 25 years! Pieces of Fun is his new venture to not only make games but to let EVERYONE make games!

Joining Tom on this project is veteran programmer, Chris Burke, who has been the lead programmer on titles such as Hellgate, The Sims 3 and Ghost Recon Commander. Jump to the source link to see everything that they have in store for what looks like a great way for aspiring game developers and hobbyists to have some fun.