Apple Adds Short Links For Developers On The App Store

Apple has introduced new functionality on their App Store that allows developers to create short links for directing users to their products. The links can be used for a particular app or a complete company catalog for both iOS and Mac applications.

A normal App Store link is a long string in order to target a specific application. Something like "". This is not only cumbersome but makes it difficult to for people using mobile devices to find things in the App Store.

The new URLs will take the form of simply a link to the App Store followed by a product name or company name;

There are three types of App Store Short Links, in two forms, one for iOS apps, another for Mac Apps:

Company Name

  • iOS:<companyname> for example,

  • Mac:<companyname> for example,

App Name

  • iOS:<appname> for example,

  • Mac:<appname> for example,

App by Company

  • iOS:<companyname>/<appname> for example,

  • Mac:<companyname>/<appname> for example,

The users will be directed to their respective country's App Store, and in the event of a name conflict the user will be redirected to a search page for finding what they want. In the event of a naming conflict, the developers will have to fall back to using the standard type of URLs for their products or companies. The new URL convention was first noticed at the end of a Super Bowl add for the Star Trek movie as shown in the picture on the left.