New Feature Unveiled for Sandbox MMO Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive has revealed a new feature for their upcoming cross-platform sandbox massively multiplayer online game, Albion Online. The new feature is called the "Destiny Board" and is designed to give players a little direction in a world without levels.

By using the Destiny Board, players will be able to decide for themselves on how best to go about the creation and development of their own unique character. Choosing one of three paths (Crafting, PvE, or PvP), will allow the player to unlock various bonuses. The missions on the Board will cover a range of things such gathering materials, taking or dishing out damage, getting kills, getting to a certain level of fame and more.

Albion Online is set to go into beta early this year and is a cross-platform game that is targeted at PCs, iOS and Android. You can take a peek at the game, and the developer blogs, at the source link.