Kingdom Come: Deliverance Passes Kickstarter Funding Goal

We told you just a couple of days ago that the Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom Come: Deliverance was getting close to its £300,000 goal. People seem to think the game has real potential as in just the last two days their funding has surpassed £400,000.

They had a deal with their outside investor, who had already ponied up $1.5 million, that if they could reach their Kickstarter goal the outside funding would continue. By reaching the goal they have confirmed that the game will now be funded through completion.

"While we were always confident in our vision for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, we never in our wildest dreams expected a response like this,"said Game Director and Lead Designer Dan Vávra. "We're humbled by the outpouring of support, and admittedly a bit shellshocked. We can't thank our supporters enough. We are prepared to give everything we have to make an unforgettable game."

You get more details on the game on their Kickstarter Page, at the Game's Website, and also on their Facebook Page.